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Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, in Holladay, Utah, Pingora is here to promote an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Our Brand

Respect your true nature

We’re the voice who whispers softly in your ear: Turn the phone off, get outside. Our goal is to get people outside and tap back into human nature. We’re here to free you from the never-ending distractions and counterfeit drips of dopamine. We create technical, ethical and sustainable outdoor gear so you can find yourself in nature.

Life in Focus

When we’re outside our priorities come into focus. A new perspective on what we already have and what we need to live fully. We believe when more people focus on what matters – ambition, creativity, determination – together, we can accomplish anything. Step outside and clear your head. No matter where your adventure leads, out packs are here for it.

Quality: Elevate the outdoor experience

We create technical outdoor gear that always performs so you can focus on what matters. We obsessively design for the needs of top climbers, hikers and athletes that intuitively works for everyday adventurers too. We consider the experience of every detail and see our packs as an unfinished experiment in perfection.

Creativity: Stylish Self Expression

Why are backpacks today the ugliest thing in nature? We’re rethinking the outdoors aesthetic to honor your unique identity and celebrate creativity. Inspired by the diversity of humankind, we offer packs with bold styles, rich colors and timeless character. Limitless looks for who you are and who you are becoming. Our packs look damn good, and even better covered in mud.

Intention: Flip the System

We’re taking steps to rebuild every part of the system from how gear is made to how it works to how it lives beyond the trail. We’re proud to be on a journey toward zero-waste, equitable relationships and an inclusive culture. Our packs are designed specifically with the highest performance deadstock fabric to reduce textile waste, and this is just the start. The outdoors will only thrive when it’s loved and cared for by all of us.

Our Founders

Every great adventure starts with a wild idea.
We aim to pass on our love of outdoor adventure to the next generation. Let’s get outside, disconnect from devices, connect with nature and improve well being.
Our gear maintains a high level of function and a smooth aesthetic. No strange zippers or extraneous flaps or straps. Everything has a purpose, tailor-made for you, keeping you organized.
From concerts in the park, climbing, skiing, and hiking, our gear enables adventure.
Our lead designer, CJ Whittaker, has fifteen years design and sourcing experience. His varied experience helps him design gear for both urban and wild environments.
Mike is a savvy systems-thinker, talented operations managers and sales person. Mike, with his years of entrepreneurship, has a desire to do business better.
Both Mike and CJ are avid hikers, skiers and climbers. Together they have climbed and skied mountains world-wide.

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Holladay, UT 84117


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